Why I want to Go to College? – Essay In English

Education is a fundamental characteristic of everyone’s life. Your education says a lot about what you have accomplished in life so far.

Without education, your life will be bleak and you will not be able to face the modern world.

It all comes with education. Money, wealth and a good married life also depend on education. So, after school, like grade 10, does each student decide which university to attend?

Why do you join the university?
To get a professional degree, you have to go to college. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for graduate studies. In college, you decide your careers in college. The counselors are present all the time in the university that guides you to obtain your professional diploma. They work according to your interests.

My interest
At the moment I am studying at the Government College of New Delhi. My biggest are the biological sciences. I want to choose the medical field for the professional diploma, so now I have to prepare. For me, school education is not enough and you have to study to the grave. The learning process should never stop and believe me, it doesn’t stop. You don’t notice it, but every moment you learn something new in your life.

I always want to make a difference in the world and make my parents proud of me. For this, I must excel in college so that my morning is bright and full of light.

Professional association:
All or one person unless they are not educated or fed cannot excel in their life. The same goes for universities. They polish you according to your specific interests so that you can be easily admitted to the famous universities of the world. Army training is done in universities so you have a disciplined life. There are different niches in the field of education and each student has a different interest. Universities always take you in the right direction. Follow their rules.

Therefore, I would like to see all the students of the homeland of India study at the university and look for a professional degree. Everyone must have a goal and a goal in their life. It will make their lives a living paradise. Trust me, it is.

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