My Personality – Essay In English for Kids

Introduction: So what is personality? It is their body language and preferences that shape their appearance and style. They vary from person to person. Some have a strong personality, while others have a very weak personality. Let’s share some of my personality traits:

1: Calm: I am a very calm person. The tension doesn’t even cross me. I try to approach each situation with great tact and full observance. I don’t like people who are always in a hurry.

2: Friendly: I have a very friendly nature. I make friends very easily. Talking with people is never boring for me. I like to socialize and have a great family of friends.

3: Habits: I have many permanent habits. I go to the gym every day. I don’t like selfish and bad people. They piss me off. I bite my nails and always leave my eyelids open. My mother hates me for this fact. If you have a solution, tell me. It will make my life easier. I get bored easily.

4: Goodness: I don’t scream or speak out loud. I am always very kind to everyone. I do not see sad people. I don’t like bad people or people who are very rude to others. You do

5: Love of animals: I always have a pet at home. Right now he is a parrot and I am teaching him Hindi. I love animals of all kinds. They bring you closer to nature. Feeding them and bathing them are my favorite hobbies.

7: Strong decision power: I have a very strong decision power. Once I decide something, it is very difficult for someone to force me not to follow it. I decide very early. This rule involves all things in life. I buy very fast. Sometimes I don’t like it, but it’s deeply embedded in me.

8. Weakness: each person has a type of weakness. I also have a lot of weakness. My parents, beauty and education are my biggest weakness. I die for a beautiful object or a soul. Beauty is all that a person can have.

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