Essay on My Parents For Children and Students

My parents represent a world to me. They are the source of my happiness and the only pure relationship one can have.

Parents are a gift from GOD and they love and nurture their children in all circumstances. Providing the best education and good food is your sole responsibility.

Parents do not want us because of our color, our caste or our sense of humor. They only love us because we are their children.

Parental Rights:

There are rights for each relationship and parents have a very strong set of rights that all children must follow. Here are the rights of the parents:

They must be loved and cared for especially when they are old and cannot take care of themselves.
They must be provided with appropriate medical facilities, especially when they are elderly. A nurse or maid must be provided.
Right to speak and discuss if there is a problem.
Right to have time for your children. As man is a social animal and cannot live without interaction.
Obligations of children:

Like all parents, children should also take care of their parents. They should not shout at them and listen to them properly. Elders and parents argue or scold us for good reasons. My mother is a very happy woman and always finds a solution to my problem. He is a true angel to me in this world. She can talk for hours and hours about animals and flowers. She is always very convincing and tells everything that comes to mind. She always teaches me to be patient and grateful in any circumstance.

On the other hand, my sweet father is very calm and a decent person. I almost never have his jokes. I have never seen my father angry and he is so polite and kind. He is very friendly in our family. He runs his own clothing factory in Delhi and is well established. He works day and night to give us all a better and safer life. We can never thank you for everything you have done for us.

Obligations of a father:

I should love your children
Educate them
Take care of them

My parents do their job very well and I love them very much. Then everyone should take care of their parents. It is our responsibility.

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