Speech on Teachers’ Day by a Student

Teachers are our guardians to illuminate our future. The teachers are those who love us and also accept us in our faults.

Teachers are the ones who want to see our improvement. They are the ones who want us to succeed. No doubt, but they played a very important role in our lives, why not spend a day? Just to be thankful for the contribution they have made in our lives to make us better citizens and also to be good humans. I’m sure most people know that we are here to celebrate Teachers’ Day, but very few students know the reason for celebrating this day.

Today I will explain the reason behind this. A warm welcome to respected teachers and other students. Today, on the auspicious occasion, I had the golden opportunity to appear before you and deliver a speech on Teacher’s Day.

Teachers’ Day is celebrated on September 5. He is celebrated because that day DR. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born. He is considered a great teacher and researcher. He played several roles in his life. He also contributed in the field of government after the independence of India, also during the independence of India. He is the first vice president of India. Dr. Radhakrishnan has also had the opportunity to teach or lecture at the highest, most expensive and most famous university. He played an important role in the development of India and its economy. He also used his power and maintains the problems of India against the big platforms. From student to teacher, then from teacher to then playing the role of governor of the country, Dr. Radhakrishnan has always been spectacular in his task. In addition, he has progressed on many things and has also taught many things and has been awarded and worthy of my many awards in the nation and also internationally.

Have we ever wondered who the teacher was? Most people think that the one who asks us to read books and makes us write in a notebook is a teacher, but that is not the case. The teacher is the one who teaches us moral values ​​and helps us to be good citizens. Everyone feels that our first teacher is supposed to teach us moral values. But in reality, our first teacher is our parents. They teach us to deal with society. They teach us to walk, talk, stand, sit, talk and other things. Without parenting, a child cannot perform any activity. They are the first to admire your child’s flow and so on. They still support their children. In the first years, parents are supposed to be the first teachers.

The children are then supposed to be sent to schools where they interact with teachers where they learn to speak and write. They learn the alphabet, mathematics, language and other subjects related to the environment. Teachers have enough patience and capacity to deal with all types of students. In addition to teaching several subjects, the teacher teaches us moral values ​​and life lessons. In addition, they hold hands and make us capable of dealing with all problems. Teachers are the potters of life. We, the students, are clay. They shape our lives and the reason for their lives is to give each of us a better life.

When we look at the history of India, we see many examples and links of teachers and students. Such as “Chandragupta and Chanakya” and others. In Indian history, teachers are known as “Guru” and are the most respected person after God.

At the end of my speech, I just want to say, from all the students to all the teachers, that we are grateful to have such a wonderful teacher in our lives. We could disturb them. We could be the reason for his anger and frustration. But today we apologize for the problems we caused. We are truly grateful to each teacher for showing their faith in us and for loving each other unconditionally. Today, if we have enough confidence to speak in front of others, we must be considered as good citizens and be one of the intelligent children of society, it is only for our teacher. We are happy and grateful for the investment made in us. Having multiple pressures on themselves, but it never made us feel like we were in trouble and taught us with the same affection and patience.

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