My Favourite Dish Essay For Students In English

Everyone has their favorite dish. It is also influenced by the place and its culture. Although there are many dishes that I like, but my favorite dish is Biryani. Rice is something I can even eat for breakfast.

Biryani is a different form of rice and includes spices and generally has an orange tint due to the color of the food.

I like to eat it because I eat it since childhood. It is a tradition in our family that every weekend we make Biryani and believe me, my mother is the best cook. It’s something that makes you hungry even if you’re not.


I have been to many different countries and tried their food, but Biryani has no comparison. There are many things that are added to this dish. The main ingredients to make Biryani are:

White cheese
Green peppers
Now come the spices, which are my most favorite part. Some of the spices are:

Saffron from India
Black pepper
Red chili powder, etc.
Cooking time:

Biryani is a long procedure. It took almost an hour or two to cook it.


Now, this dish is not only famous in India. It is like a subcontinent dish. And, everyone follows a different recipe. The main course is the same with some minor details that vary depending on the availability of spices and ingredients. You can add more spices and other things if you really want it spicy, otherwise, medium spices also give it a very good taste.

I really like spicy. For me, Biryani is everything. I know it sounds fun, but it’s really tasty.

Favorite kitchen hobby:

When I was young, I hated cooking and I always thought it was boring work. But one day, I decided to cook alone. Now, every time I want to eat Biryani, I do it myself. It is quite interesting work. I think kids should try it too.

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