Essay On My Goal in Life In English

Introduction: each person has a goal in their life. He works to achieve it. We are all fighting day and night to achieve this goal.

My goal: I still like to read books. My goal in life is to become a writer. I am the only child of my parents, so basically I was a very lonely child. The books have made me forget the fact whenever I’m alone.

I opened a book and found myself in it and its contents. My first poem was written by me at the age of six and a story at the age of 9. My poems were always published in School Magazine. I was always proud whenever someone liked my story or my poem.

I wanted to be a doctor first. I guess society and family put so much pressure on you that we still think there are only two professional titles in the world. One is an engineering and the other is medicine. Thank goodness my parents were liberal in this matter and never implemented anything in me. I really want to pursue my career interest.

So I decided to be a full-time writer. Books have always given me love and a relaxed atmosphere. Now I want to do the same for others through my books. It used to not be considered a full-time job, but now people take it seriously as a profession.

Prestige: writers don’t have to worry about income. They gain prestige and respect through their writings. It is your greatest reward. My parents fully supported me in my idea and respect my wishes.

Exhibition: I need to be exposed to improve my writing skills. The key to becoming a good writer is reading. The more you read, the more they polish you. I have read novels and stories from different writers and different ages.

Conclusion: So my biggest goal in my life is to become a famous writer like Shakespeare. Which is yours ??

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