Essay on My Favorite Book For Children

Introduction: You will not find a single successful person who does not read many books. Reading is good for the mind and also good for the soul. Great books take us to places where we have not been and to experiences that are not ours. Literature also helps us develop our linguistic and written skills.

My favorite book: I have read many books, but the one that has marked me the most is Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This is a book originally written for the theater. I read it translated into Indian and I was impressed even if it was a bit difficult to finish. Hamlet’s story captured me completely and I was eager to see the end of the book’s intrigue.

The plot of the book: The plot of the book is very elaborate with many tricks and changes. Hamlet is the son of King Arthur and when he learns that his father was killed by Claudius, he promises to take revenge. However, he is so sensitive that he has trouble coping. He will make some attempts and when he despairs of knowing what to do, he will make a plan to pretend he has gone mad, to discover the truth about Claudio.

Moral result: this is a book written in the 16th century in England and, therefore, presents the events of life that refer to this date. The main people are members of the English royal family and their affairs are both personal and public. It makes the book a bit difficult to read, but it is so interesting that it is worth persisting

The book highlights the importance of a moral code and the need for real values ​​in all aspects of life. People should aim for the best and defend their values ​​when they are attacked. It also shows that a sensitive and ethical person like Hamlet cannot walk against any other person because of his compassion and empathy. The situations in life he presents are a bit extreme and nervous, but the moral result is very clear and useful for the soul.

Conclusion: this book was written by Shakespeare to be presented as a play. The language of the book is English, so I had to read it in the Indian translation, but that didn’t make me appreciate it less. I feel I can identify with Hamlet because his effort for good must be praised.

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