Essay on Importance of News for Children

NEWS is any notable or newly received information that is important to a large part of the public and generally relates to recent events or the development of older events.

The importance of news comes from the many benefits of keeping abreast of events around the world and locally.

Some of the main reasons why the news is very important are:

First, the news tells society what is happening around them and who can directly affect it. Any crucial event for many people at the same time and instantly is certainly news and should be known to all concerned.
It allows people to connect with the world in general and know those things that may be important for someone’s friends or family.
It allows people to form opinions on important issues and events that are relevant and, therefore, is one of the cornerstones of democracy by providing people with the resources they need to have an opinion and a position.
Keeps interested parties of any event informed of recent or sudden developments of a crucial event. This may be necessary for these people to make a quick decision on the matter.

It allows people to know the laws and regulations whose ignorance can cause them problems with the law or do something that affects them and others.
The reports help people know more about any old event or topic in which there has been a new development, which allows for a higher level of general awareness among those who see / read it.
Event accounting allows everyone involved to share their side of the event and allows informed decisions instead of biased decisions based on incomplete information.

News reports allow experts in event fields to share their opinions on the same topic with the public and, therefore, keep people increasingly informed about the depth of the problem.
The dissemination of news in the form of debates and debates makes a healthy discussion between opposing points of view possible. This helps people to better assess the situation.
The news allows people to be interested in issues that concern them and those around them and leads them to follow them to keep up to date on these and other events.

A news program also helps people see the people behind any event that can be held responsible or who are the people behind the good.
Link old and new events or how an event can unfold and what it could cause is covered by the news and it may not be possible for everyone to make these links for themselves, so it becomes important to let the news be heard / read / views.
News also provides information about people in important positions around the world, in the country and locally, so that people can know who the administrators are.

The news helps to highlight local events organized for the public, such as shows, fairs, etc. and his knowledge is crucial for the local audience to attend.
Entertainment news keeps people entertained and tracks the lives of people they admire and look like celebrities.
In general, whether local or international news, it is crucial that everyone knows the news.

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